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February 15, 2014

Welcome to Security Training Center® News! This newsletter is part of our continuing education program, offered free to our students. Twice each month subscribers receive links to relevant and interesting articles pertaining to the private security industry. Every article will have some educational value, be it changes in security best practices, case studies with lessons to be learned, or success stories. Security Training Center's goal is to make our students the best-informed and most current security officers in the industry.

DUTY TIP:  Treat all reports, even Daily Action Reports, with care. They could become evidence and used in court!

Practical Home Security: A Guide to Safer Urban Living

Author Alex Haddox is recognized internationally as a personal security expert, weekly host of the top-rated Internet podcast Practical Defense and columnist for Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine.  Mr. Haddox shares his knowledge, experience, and skills in presenting practical home security without spending thousands of dollars.  Using simple protocols, modest tools, and a sense of environmental and situational awareness, this handbook offers the reader significant methods for family and home security.  Research-based scenarios and personal experiences offer insights and recommendations for the reader to implement measures to enhance personal security in and around the home.

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Practical Home Security Cover

Man Quietly Robs Bank
A manilla envelope is all one man needed to rob a bank in California.
How he did it
Policy Violated, Contract Lost
A guard violated weapons policy and contributed to his company losing their contract.
Whole story
Workplace Violence Proves Unpredictable
Expert claims those who commit crimes in a workplace don't usually fit a certain profile.
What happened
Law Enforcement Training Has Far-Reaching Benefits
Injuries, lawsuits and bad press are only a few of the hardships that well-trained officers are equipped to deal with.
Full analysis
Protesters Found Trespassing
Protesters crossed a demarcation line, stepping into the outer boundary of Beale Air Force Base and were later found guilty of trespassing.
Read more
Bad Paperwork, Bad Fine
Poor crime reporting practices will likely result in a civil penalty for a university.

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