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May 03, 2014

Welcome to Security Training Center® News! This newsletter is part of our continuing education program, offered free to our students. Twice each month subscribers receive links to relevant and interesting articles pertaining to the private security industry. Every article will have some educational value, be it changes in security best practices, case studies with lessons to be learned, or success stories. Security Training Center's goal is to make our students the best-informed and most current security officers in the industry.


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DUTY TIP:  Keep a training record of all courses and continuing education classes taken, no matter how small. The training record can be used as evidence in court if you need help to justify your actions.

Defrauders Impersonate Schools
Foreign social engineers have stolen from companies in nine states so far.
How the scammers do it
Are Extremist Groups Recruiting Veterans?
A controversial op-ed written by New York Times may be justified in its concerns.
Read why
Preventing Crime Through Predictive Policing
Police have been successfully using data analysis as a tool in preventing crimes.
How it works
Woman Burglarized, Assaulted
One woman returned to her home and was sexually assaulted by the two burglars still inside.
Officer Slain with Own Weapon
A police officer was fatally shot after struggling with an MRI technician at a hospital.
Read more
Woman Charged with Trespassing at Hospital
A private police department arrested a suspicious woman who may have been plotting to kidnap newborn children.
Full story

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