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July 13, 2014

Welcome to Security Training Center® News! This newsletter is part of our continuing education program, offered free to our students. Twice each month subscribers receive links to relevant and interesting articles pertaining to the private security industry. Every article will have some educational value, be it changes in security best practices, case studies with lessons to be learned, or success stories. Security Training Center's goal is to make our students the best-informed and most current security officers in the industry.

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US Army Searches for Pistol with More Punch
According to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, the current 9mm pistol is incapable of stopping determined adversaries.
Replacing the M9 and M11
Burglary Trends of 2014
Although burglary is becoming less common, burglars are adopting more effective technologies and tactics.
How to keep your stuff safe
Get Out, Hide Out, Take Out
Will Messiah College's active shooter preparedness program work for your organization, too?
Watch interview
University Allows Armed Patrols
Idaho State University now allows eight officers and two supervisors armed with semi-automatic pistols to safeguard students and staff.
Implications of Idaho's new law
Lookout for Armed Bank Robbers Sentenced
Even though he was not actually at the robbery, the lookout for the armed robbers was identified and given a stiff sentence.
How he earned his 90 months
Inmate Recruits Officer To Smuggle Contraband
A correctional officer was recruited by a prisoner to smuggle drugs, cash and cell phones into prison.
TSA Requires Device Power Up at Some Overseas Airports
Laptops and cell phones that fail to power up will not be be allowed on aircraft and their carrier will be subject to additional screening.
Security measure details
Understanding the Tactics of Boko Haram
When terrorist group Boko Haram abducted hundreds of schoolgirls last April, one of their motivations may have been to make life easier for their fighters in the forest.
What will they do next?

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