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October 06, 2014

Welcome to Security Training Center® News! This newsletter is part of our continuing education program, offered free to our students. Twice each month subscribers receive links to relevant and interesting articles pertaining to the private security industry. Every article will have some educational value, be it changes in security best practices, case studies with lessons to be learned, or success stories. Security Training Center's goal is to make our students the best-informed and most current security officers in the industry.

BATON TRAINING in Camarillo, CA! We are running a BSIS Baton Permit course at our Camarillo facility on Saturday, October 25. Seats are limited and pre-registration is REQUIRED. Must already have Guard Card. Call now to register:  855-500-3633

DUTY TIP:  Clean and maintenance your gear on a regular basis. This includes body armor which can accumulate bacteria and trap odors.

JOB FAIR in Upland, CA! Security Training Center is hosting a hiring event with Contemporary Services Corporation on:
Friday, October 10 from 11am to 4pm.
     Security Training Center
     290 N. Benson Avenue, Unit 10
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Can Physical Building Security Become a Hindrance?
Perimeter security may do little to stop a hostile insider and may actually slow evacuations or help from police.
Protecting versus trapping
Pot Shops and Security
Medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries have a large and growing need for security.
What makes pot shops different
Mass Shootings on the Rise
A new study by the FBI found that mass shootings are becoming more common and often end before police can arrive.
Read details
Guns on Campus: Weighing the Risks
Does the risk of a negligent discharge at school outweigh the benefit of having armed security?
See what one expert has to say
Organized Retail Crime and You
Organized crime works like any other business, but can have substantially higher margins.
How it works and how to stop it
Man Given 18 Month Prison Term for Lasing Plane
A California Highway Patrol pilot was temporarily blinded during a burglary-in-progress when his craft was struck by a powerful green laser.
Report details

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FIREARMS RE-QUALIFICATION:  Do not forget about your range qualifications! Most states require range qualifications twice each year. If one is missed or skipped, the firearms permit may not be renewed. Be certain to visit your local licensed firearms trainer and put some lead down range!

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