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November 01, 2014

Welcome to Security Training Center® News! This newsletter is part of our continuing education program, offered free to our students. Twice each month subscribers receive links to relevant and interesting articles pertaining to the private security industry. Every article will have some educational value, be it changes in security best practices, case studies with lessons to be learned, or success stories. Security Training Center's goal is to make our students the best-informed and most current security officers in the industry.

DUTY TIP:   When happening upon a clandestine drug lab while patrolling, DO NOT enter, take pictures or notes. LEAVE IMMEDIATELY and THEN call law enforcement. Many of these labs are booby-trapped, have highly dangerous chemicals and scouts with orders to shoot trespassers on sight.

Pacific Protection Services, Inc. Job Fair
Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 9:30am (Sharp) Camarillo, CA

Pacific Protection Services, Inc. is hiring for Immediate Security, Full time/Part time/Backup In Oxnard, Ventura, Moorpark Area for Corporate Account.

The event is taking place at our Camarillo facility:
Security Training Center,® LLC.
330 Wood Road, Suite D
Camarillo, CA 93010

Bring Your Credentials, Guard Card, 40 Hours Training certificate, Social Security Card and valid State I.D. (i.e. Driver’s License).

Must Have Valid/Current BSIS Guard Card!

Preventing Viral Outbreaks in Schools
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Read some of the ways the impact of a biological indecent can be mitigated.
Ebola, the flu and you
Reducing Security Officer Turnover
Investing in better training and equipment may be less expensive than turnover from burnout.
What's on your tool belt?
Terrorist, or Common Criminal?
Overusing words like "terrorist" may cause them to lose their meaning. But where should the line be drawn?
What the NYPD has to say
US Increases Federal Building Security
As public calls by terrorist organizations for attacks increase, so does security at federal buildings.
More details
Camera Drones: Coming to a School Near You
As drones become cheaper, many are finding that they can enhance security efforts.
Are they right for your campus?
Chlorine Gas and the Islamic State
ISIS militants may be using chemical weapons against Iraqi police officers.
Full story

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FIREARMS RE-QUALIFICATION:  Do not forget about your range qualifications! Most states require range qualifications twice each year. If one is missed or skipped, the firearms permit may not be renewed. Be certain to visit your local licensed firearms trainer and put some lead down range!

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