California Carry Concealed Weapons (CCW) Permit

We have no fine print nor do we have any hidden costs. When inquiring about pricing ask questions and never assume the price includes everything. Our training facility has all of the forms and will help students with filling them out before leaving. Our instructors are professional, have Degrees and are NRA, BSIS and County licensed.

Walk-ins welcome!

For California DOJ Bureau of Firearms regulations and answers to FAQ click here:


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Initial CCW Permit Course
     plus Ammunition
CCW 4 Hour Renewal Class
     plus Ammunition


Included in course fees:

  • Lecture
  • Course materials
  • Lane fees
  • Range time
  • Targets

Ammunition costs are not included. Required minimum qualification rounds varies upon the County. Bring (or purchase at the range) at least 50 rounds per firearm for qualification. Ammunition for practice is at the student's discretion.

Each additional firearm: $20


  • Firearm(s)
  • 2 magazines or speed loaders
  • Ammunition


Class Schedule

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Orange County and Los Angeles (LA) County CCW

Facility Date
Burbank Firing-Line
1060 N. Lake Street
Burbank, CA 91502
Every Tuesday
Call for reservation
Jim Bowen
(562) 500-3633
Burbank Firing-Line
1060 N. Lake Street
Burbank, CA 91502
Every Saturday
Call for reservation
Jim Bowen
(562) 500-3633
Huntington Beach Firing-Line
17921 Jamestown Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Every Sunday
Call for reservation
Jim Bowen
(562) 500-3633

Courses run all day and into the evening until 9:45pm at night. Breaks are given periodically with a short meal break.

Ventura County CCW

Facility Date
Northridge Firing Line
18348 Eddy Street
Northridge, CA 91325
By appointment on Sundays
Dave Bunch
(805) 233-1253
CCW Requalifications Every Wednesday
CCW Requalifications Every Monday

Permit Details by County

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Los Angeles County

Jim Bowen is an authorized California Concealed Weapons Permit course instructor for Los Angeles County.

Qualifications for a CCW License

The applicant shall not be required to pay for any training courses prior to the determination of good cause being made pursuant to Section 26202. Upon making the determination of good cause pursuant to Section 26150 or 26155, the licensing authority shall give written notice to the applicant of the licensing authority's determination. If the licensing authority determines that good cause exists, the notice shall inform the applicants to proceed with the training requirements specified in Section 26165. For new license applicants, the course of training may be any course acceptable to the licensing authority, it shall not exceed 16 hours, and shall include instruction on at least firearms safety and the law regarding the permissible use of a firearm.

To qualify for a CCW, each applicant must demonstrate (1) proof of good moral character, (2) that good cause exists, and (3) that the applicant is a resident of the county or a city within the county, or, that the applicant spends a substantial period of time in the applicant’s place of employment or business in the county or a city within the county. In addition, the applicant must complete the training requirements as listed above.

According to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department policy (5-09/380.10) and the California Supreme Court (CBS, Inc. v. Block, (1986) 42 Cal.3d 646), good cause shall exist only if there is convincing evidence of a clear and present danger to life, or of great bodily harm to the applicant, his spouse, or dependent child, which cannot be adequately dealt with by existing law enforcement resources, and which danger cannot be reasonably avoided by alternative measures, and which danger would be significantly mitigated by the applicant’s carrying of a concealed firearm.

The character requirement will be fulfilled by, but not limited to, a criminal history check through the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigation. The good cause requirement will only be fulfilled by thoroughly justifying the applicant’s need to the Sheriff or his designee on the application form. The residency requirement will be fulfilled upon presentation of an approved, recognized identification card and at least one recently canceled item of United States mail.

Application for CCW License

Upon reviewing the attached policy and meeting all requirements, please complete the Standard Application form in its Entirety. Send completed application to Sheriff’s Headquarters, 4700 Ramona Boulevard, Monterey Park, California, 91754-2169, Attention: CCW Coordinator. A non-refundable fee of $10.00 Check or Money Order (payable to Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department) must accompany your application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Those who successfully pass the initial screening will be charged a required follow-up processing fee.

Link: Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department Concealed Weapon Licensing Policy

Link: Application for Los Angeles CCW

Orange County

Jim Bowen, Security Training Center,LLC. is listed as an authorized Orange County CCW training provider. The Orange County Sheriff's Department will only accept satisfactory completion of a program from a provider that appears on this list. No preference is shown, or inferred, by the order of placement on this list. Each provider has met the same minimum standards.

Contact the CCW Unit at to arrange an interview appointment. Walk-ins will not be accepted without an appointment. If email is unavailable, contact the CCW unit at 714-834-7229 for assistance.
The following items/documents are required at the time of interview:

  1. Complete and print the Department of Justice application (including section 7)
  2. Compile supporting documents (see checklist)
Failure to comply with these instructions may result in delays in processing your application.

Link: Orange County Sheriff's Department CCW License Application

Ventura County

David Bunch and Jim Bowen are authorized by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office to teach the California Concealed Weapons Permit course.

Applicants must be pre-qualified by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office BEFORE taking the course.

Course fee includes training, course materials and books, range time/lane fees and targets. Price does not include ammunition costs.

The Sheriff, upon proof that the person applying is of good moral character, that the person applying satisfies residency or business location requirements, and has completed a course of training may issue to that person a carry concealed weapons license (CCW). This policy will serve as the Office's written process for the application and issuance of such licenses.

Link: Ventura County Sheriff's Office, Concealed Weapons Permit Application

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