June 18, 2015


Free Online Continuing Education Program for Security Guards

Los Angeles, CA - June 18, 2015 - Security Training Center®, LLC. today announced the launch the "Security Professionals Podcast." This free audio training program is available to all security guards, worldwide.

With host Alex Haddox, M.Ed., the Security Professionals Podcast is a free weekly source of news, tips and education for the security specialist. Every security professional has a duty to train and keep up with the latest news, techniques and strategies to combat threats aimed at the people and places we are hired to protect. This show is a critical part of any continuing education program.

"These weekly programs are to help keep our students, and all private security guards, current," said Alex Haddox, M.Ed., Principle of Security Training Center, LLC and host of the program. "Continuing education is critical to maintaining the highest skills levels when providing security for our business and families. The short audio format makes the training easy to consume and extremely portable. They can listen to it while traveling to and from work, on breaks, or at home. The content is there for them when they want it, all on their schedule."

The first guest is legendary firearms expert and trainer, Massad Ayoob, of the Massad Ayoob Group. The subject is service firearm selection for varying climates. The episode airs on July 2, 2015.

The program is available from the following sources:

About Security Training Center,® LLC.

Security Training Center,® LLC. is a professional security guard training company. Our purpose to educate security personnel and organizations in the latest protocols and techniques to keep staff, property and other valuables safe. A proactive approach to security awareness prevents many problems from ever occurring, reducing risk to staff and liability. We teach early identification of potential problems and how to defuse conflicts before reaching crisis. Our staff and advisory board have decades of experience in military, law enforcement, executive protection, private security, defensive weapons and martial arts. Our training programs span the globe and are being used on five (5) continents.


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