September 09, 2017


Online security guard training company is all-in on HTML 5.

Los Angeles, CA - September 9, 2017 - Security Training Center®, LLC. today announced the re-launch of all its training programs across all platforms and devices. All courses are now available on the PC/Windows, Macintosh, Linux, smartphones and tablets using pure HTML 5 technology. Prices for all courses remain the same.

"We just finished months of effort future-proofing all of our courses," said Alex Haddox, M.Ed., Principle of Security Training Center, LLC. "Technology continually moves forward. As education providers we must also keep moving. We need to be where our students are. Right now, that is mobile devices and the best supporting technology is HTML 5."

All courses were transitioned from a blend of Adobe Flash and HTML 5 to pure HTML 5. This not only adds full mobile device support across all mobile OSes, but eliminates browser compatibility issues. Although Adobe will not stop officially supporting Flash until late 2020, many browsers have already stopped enabling Flash by default. By switching to pure HTML 5, Flash is avoided entirely while still supporting all platforms, computer and mobile.

"HTML 5 has finally reached a maturity and level of global support that we feel comfortable switching to it," concluded Alex Haddox, M.Ed., Principle of Security Training Center,® LLC.


About Security Training Center,® LLC.

Security Training Center,® LLC. is a professional security guard training company. Our purpose to educate security personnel and organizations in the latest protocols and techniques to keep staff, property and other valuables safe. A proactive approach to security awareness prevents many problems from ever occurring, reducing risk to staff and liability. We teach early identification of potential problems and how to defuse conflicts before reaching crisis. Our staff and advisory board have decades of experience in military, law enforcement, executive protection, private security, defensive weapons and martial arts. Our training programs span the globe and are being used on five (5) continents.


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